Environmental and Social Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Although the largest environmental impact of a conference is that of transportation to the conference city, we implemented several measures to reduce the environmental impact of ELECTRIMACS 2014:

– Paper for printed materials, notebooks, etc are either from recycled sources or from sustainably managed sources.

– Care have been paid so conference materials can be re-used after the conference (pendrives have large enough capacity, ballpens can be used as tablet stylus, bags can either be used as folders or tablet carriers).

– Public transport travel cards for metro, tram and buses are provided to all attendees. Cards are guaranteed for 5 years, so you can keep them for your next visit to Valencia.

– Whenever possible, vegetables and other ingredients are sourced from local farms.

Social Awareness

Become a Bone Marrow Donor

If you were diagnosed with leukaemia, there is a 70% chance that none of your relatives would be a compatible donor. No leukaemia patient should die because no suitable donor is found.

Finding suitable donors is difficult, so the more people registered, the more lives can be saved.

Being a bone marrow donor is easy. For more information:

– Check Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide to find Bone Marrow Donor institutions in your country.

– Fundación José Carreras